I want to declear, that this page or the car on this page
to the restaurant called HotWokCafe in Sweden
The latest now, is that they want me to remove the car/page/stickers ASAP.
or they will sue me.
I have made a colection of the correspondens that I've had with them,
but it is only in Swedish, and I will not try to translate it to English.
The reason for that is that I don't want any missunderstandings, because of the translation...
However, if you know some Swedish, you can find that page by clicking HERE

This is where it all started. Back in 2001.
-Or actualy around middle December 2000...
...when I bought this Nissan Cherry Turbo from 1986 with 230000 kilometers on the meeter.
I bought it for one reason, and one reason only. It had the word Turbo in its name.
I didnt know what a turbo was, how it might look and not the slightest clue of its functions.
All I knew was that a car with the word Turbo on its name was faster than one with GL.
I gave it the name Wok, after it's excellent and hot fan.

After a while I carefully started to upgrade and tune the car.
With out any prior knowledge of tuning cars or turbochargers it was not a simple task,
but me and my friends did as good as we could and hey, it wasnt all that bad.

Results 2001
Cost of car: 1500:- SEK
Performanceparts: aprox. 7000:- SEK
Destroyed parts: 2500:- SEK (one broken engine)
Loads and yet loads of hours in the garage/on the outside parking lot.

Best ET's 2001 Slowest 1/4 mile: 15,95s - 138,5km/h
Fastest 1/4 mile: 14,27s - 153,5km/h
0-100 km/h (0-60mph): less than 5,4 seconds
Power: 105 ++

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Here we broght
the car home
These are the first pictures
of the interior...
Here I'm
mounting a KN-Filter
Stickers is always nice!

Some pics of the Turbocharger
in it's right temp.

Spring is in the Air
at Brostugan...
Some nice pics from
Lunda Airfield 010422
Intercooler, two days
prior Emmaboda
A day at the dragstrip
At Emmaboda 2001
Zatzy cup at Tullinge
En dag på strippen
Tullinge 010616
Zatzy Cup at Tullinge
Heat II, 010617
The story about the scoop

Weight is everything

Zatzy Cup at Tullinge
Haet III, 010707
Pre. Mantorp 010804

Zatzy Cup at Tullinge
Heat IV, 010818
Zatzy Cup at Tullinge
Omgång V, 010908
Hot Wok Racing on tour

Zatzy Cup at Tullinge
Heat II, 010617
The story about the scoop

Weight is everything

Zatzy Cup at Tullinge
Haet III, 010707
Scandinavians largest
carmagazine has a big article
about the Wok!
Street and sound
at Elmia exibition halls
Addition in the
Registration paper

Films from the races 2001