Swedens fastest FWD Car 9,91s - 248kmh @ 402 1/4 mile!

A few upgrades for 2008.
New crank, 1/2" head studs and a set of Darton dry sleeves is on the agenda.
Also an ATI Superdamper and a 8" Pro Stock cluch.
Lots of time has ben spent just making the cluch work, and now it does.
It took us almost all season to set it up, but when we did it went fast too.
It made us fastest FWD car in Europe actually with our ET of 9,91s - 248kmh!

Unfortunally for us a Honda Civic from Poland ran a bit faster only one week later...
...so for 2009, we will do what we can to take the title back to where it belongs.


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Street Cars Fest - Kista
1-2 November 2008
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20-21 September 2008
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30-31 August 2008
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23-24 August 2008
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15-17 August
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1-2 august 2008
Opening. Late again.
Borlänge Street Open 19-20/7

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