The mild rebuild/upgrade that was supposed to take place
during the dark winter months 2004/2005 actually faded out into complete insanity.
(yep, belive it or not)
Instead of some minor upgrades, it ended up in a complete rebuild of the car.
The so often occuring money-issue was solved by a couple of loans with my apartment as security.
Now all I needed was time, and time has been spent. Alot of it.
Unfortunally there are only 24hours per day to dispose...

Then I planned to give you a couple of hints what was going on in the garage,
but since we only have these 24 hours I had no time for that and I was almost living in the garage.
It had to change, so I started looking thru my archive of photos...
...found some good, found some more good, and all of a sudden I had a heap.
...in fact I found 402 images worth publishing!
Funny it got to be exactly 402 by the way. =)
Ok, I had quite some more than just these 402 photos worth publishing,
but I had to set some limit. That way I could skip a lot of crap images and only give you the best.
Some images are still not in excellent light or sharpness, but some I felt I had to show anyway.
Hope you agree. =)

Regards Bjorn
Photos and tells might not be in 100% chronological order,
but they are all taken during the buildup 2004-2005.
Ending of 2004, and
start rebuild

Got a
couple engines
Drive train from
Volvo 850 Turbo
Roller cage built
after straws...
engine parts

build up
Engine mounts
and steering gear
Gadgets from
UK and US
Interior, gauges
and alloy orgy

The Wok rolls!
(still has to be pushed)
Tullinge Jamboree
Sneak preview
Wheelie bars, a has to
on a FWD 2006!

Intake taking shape

Glass fibre front
taking shape

...and now, something
completely different.
Article in Bilsport