HotWokRacing 2002
Now 2002 things might would go quite easy?
-So wrong!
2002 would cost more than 15000:- SEK before the first race. (Big money in those days)
New turbocharger, new exhaust manifold, new intercooler,
newly renovated engine, mapfuel, better finnish, tail wings, lots and lots more...
Thats what I knew before the start of the season.
Some additions were made to the list later on.
New intake, race-cluch, larger injectors, larger feulpump, M/T-slicks to mention some.

I didn't want to speculate how fast the wok should be 2002,
or how much power I would get ot of the engine,
but we now know that it's a darn fast Nissan Cherry.
How much power the engine deliveres is still not tested,
but it is not unreal to belive that it might be slight over 200HP.

Best ET's 2002
With M/T-Slicks 24,5x8": 1/4mile: 12,49s - 180 km/h, 1/8mile: 8,0s - 143 km/h
Yokahama 032: 1/8miles: 8,68s - 142 km/h

pics from the garage
The spare car...
Update from the garage
Gardemoen, Oslo
Lazzat Strip Challenge II
TXM Cup 2002 #5
TXM Cup 2002 #3
TXM Cup 2002 #4
Racemaniacs 2002
Lazzat Strip Challenge III
Lazzat Strip Challenge IV-V
Autumn exhibition 2002
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