The season clearly went over all expections.
Since I didnt get the car out at all during 2003, I had good chanses of getting it out
early 2004 wich I also did. The car was test driven (even though for just a couple of blocks)
right before easter, when I took it to SDC's (Scandinavian Dragracing Championship)
area at the magazine Bilsport's easter autosaloon.
Tullinge Raceway wich is our home track had difficulties getting the perissions needed.
Therefore we prepared ourselves for quite alot of traveling.
First race for the season 2004 went at Björkvik, Nyköping (about 100km from Stockholm).
Saturdays qualifying went pretty ok, but at Sundays first run I whiped out my diff completely (my first).
Next race went in Gothenburg (520km from Stockholm). For that occasion I bought
a Ford Transit to carry the Cherry. The times didnt really impress any of us,
but the car stayed in one piece. We actually spent more time fixing the Transit
than we spent tuning the Cherry. Eventually Tullinge got their permissions
and after fixing the gearbox and engine numerous times I managed to run 11,72-187km/h!
The former inofficial world record for Nissan N12 was 11,92 set by Dan and Ben Murphy
in Australia almost a year earlier. Dan and Ben got their things together pretty quick
when they heard about me driving 11,72 and ran a new record time just weeks after at 11,52.
I did everything I could to brake that but 11,53 - 189km/h was as fast as my car would go.

Only weeks after that I took the car apart for a mildly rebuild.
Bigger engine, silly amounts of horsepower and a full roler cage was on the agenda.
Copletely unexpected it turned out to become a full tube chassie, loans on the apartement
(for rebuilding that was) and a N12 so mean that the world has probably never ever seen anything like it.
At least not in Scandinavia for sure...

More details will follow in 2005 years story.


A clip from 2004
Images from the garage
SDC Björkvik

SDC Gothenburg

Lazzat strip Challenge 3

The Wok runs 11,53 by Sundis

Clip added 051218

11,53 Incam!

Clip added 051218