Spring is closing in fast.
We are what we can to get the car race ready for the season 2014.
Looks like we wont make it to the first few races, but sometime during the summer
it really looks like we will be able to make some passes in the Juke.

The chasie is pretty much finnished.
The bodywork on the other hand really needed som well deserved attention.
The first widening really wasnt too cool, so a new one was made and put on the first one.
To get the shape loads of filler was used but that didnt really matter since we were to make a new mould of it.
A temporary grill was painted to get some perspective...

Black gel coat was used to make the mould.
With the divider and strengthenings it looked kinda mean.

Sometimes it is hard to get a perspective of how large the front end is.
Here Nalle is posing inside it. And he is not a midget.

The moulding is finnished and Nalle i washing off the finnished product.
I painted the inside of the body black right before we put it back on the chassie.

As Fille was grinding on the body, I ordered a set of high end spacers to get e normal bolt pattern.
As a bonus, now all five studs fit the wheels. =)

The exhaus manifold needed some align grinding before I could send it for surfacing.
A kind called chemical nickel treatment gives the item a nice stainless finnish.
The exhaust housing got a treat too.

If Filips critical eyes were satisfyed or if he just gave up is for you to tell,
but with less than one week to the big event Custom motorshow that we were to attend,
it was time to paint the body. Perfect finnish or not was not the question this time.
A couple of days prior this I added a cone to the turbo inlet in one of the head lamps.

The color mid/dark grey is commonly mentioned as death grey in Sweden.
The idea was to get a can with a dark grey colored paint, but for some reason we realized
the bucket contained a light elephant-greyish color so we added black into it until we were satisfyed.

Death-grey looked kind of spooky at first but fealt a bit to simple.
A couple of hours sketching later we had some crazy ideas.

We could probably have done the look in vinyl,
but we didnt have any vinyl. We just had paint and very little patients.
The head light is a phone photo from a Juke I found at the local superstore the other week ago.
Printed on vinyl doesnt exactly look awsome, but it does the job.

In the middle of everything a package arrived to the garage from Mikroverktyg.
It was the long awaited and fresh custom V-drive gears and housing!
I will tell you more about it in a later update.

The night before heading to the exibition Nalle and Fille added the stickers.
I accidentally failed to put an order for alu pipes to the turbo piping in time.
A good friend Samuel Yngvesson was heading to Stockholm for a meat delivery that day,
so he went by his brother Natanaels company Maxxtuning and got some pipes with him.
About 22.00 the night before heading off I started to measure how to fit the pipes.

I must say Im pretty pleased with the last weeks work.

Just wich the car up on the truck and go then?
No. The LT31 didnt want to wake up after the long winters sleep, no matter what we did.
Luckily Andreas Eriksson at nofear motorsport had a superb transporter for rental.
It was super easy to load and did 110kmh on the cruise controle all the way. =)

Here are some photos from the exibition.