Kjula Dragway, MDO #16 - 15-17 September 2023

This was the final race of the season
In the middle of September pretty much any weather can be expected.
To make sure this was going to be a blast this was a three day event.
I made a plan for the pits like usual. For 185 teams.

I had to do some twists and turns to make it work. The rest was up for luck.
Some teams tell att registration that they need 6 meters but show up with a wilson trailer.
Others say that they need 22 metres and show up with a mobile home and the race car on a trolly.
The latter can be packed a bit better but I don't know until they show up at the gates.
To make it even more complicated, most teams arrive at thursday evening, but some might show up
all day during friday so I need to keep space for them too.
During fridays qualifying's I was also a pit marshal so I didn't have time to just sit and waite at the entrance,
so I made this beautifully sign and put at the entrance. Worked perfect.

Multiple European Pro Stock Champion Jimmy Ålund was worried if the track was prepped enough for his rocket. I promised on boy scouts honor we would do all in our power to get it as good as possible.

Obviously my heart beats some extra for the class 4to6.
Here is a big bunch of unsorted pics of cars and people in the class:

Qualifying list and ladder for the class shows the wide spread.

Tobias Johansson won the class this weekend and also the series 2023.
Big congratulations!

Here is a block of unsorted pics I took with my phone during the weekend.
Some demands no explanation, some does.
Unfortunately this was posted in March 2024 so I felt it was better to just post it as it is, rather than not posting it at all.

Sunday afternoons, more than 1500 time slips produced during three days of race.

Winners in each class is presented here: http://www.kjuladragway.com/resultat.htm