Kjula Dragway, MDO #15 - 5-6 August 2023

I missed the two first races at my home track Kjula Dragway.
The first (#13) was at the same time as I was working as a crew member at Santa pod for Micke Gullqvist.
The second (#14) was at the same date as Tierp Internationals where I was crewing for Olof Andersson and Micke Gullqvist.
Sad but true.

This time however, I was in for full time.
For me the event started a good while before we opened up the gates.
I'm planning the pit area for all teams.

As soon as I arrive to Kjula Friday afternoon I pack my car with street signs,
and head out to the nearby roads.

When the signs are up and the gate over the starting area is in its place we can open up the pits.
I welcome all teams, sign them off in my list and the pit marshals help them to find a spot in the pits.
This is a very intense mission since teams are showing up almost non stop during the evening.
This time there were only 114 teams registered. 4 never showed up so everyone got good space.

The weather has not really ben perfect for this sort of sport this year.
This weekend was no exception. It rained during fridays pit build up,
but during saturdays qualifying there was no rain.

Every days racing starts off with a drivers meeting.

A group of German racers was on holiday in Sweden and visited us as an end of their trip.
One Scirocco and two Opel's. All red. Ronny Dietz with the Scirocco was the fastest of the germans.
He ran 9,61-245kmh which placed him as no 6 in the list.

During the race I manage the lineup, and thats pretty much all I do.
Its full focus on having enough vehicles in the lineup
ready to race but not too many causing the teams to wait for too long.
When the qualifications ends on Saturday evening I try to get an idea of how all teams are pit wise.
Somewhere between then and midnight I tend to get some kind of food too. Then its the pillow. Usually around 01-02.
Breakfast is 07.00 at the latest.
Its fair to say its pretty hectic, but I managed to take some photos.

Some of the heroes in the class 4to6.

Some of the Junior dragsters.

Plain randomly taken photos.

Akama was on place selling the official Kjula clothings.

The weather didn't look too promising, so the exhibition area was fairly weak,
but weak is not the same as boring. Quite the opposite.
I made a can for the starter to place the start button and maybe some bottles of water.
Sunday morning this phenomenon appeared on the sky. A halo around the sun.

The forecast promised rain during the day, but no one knew when it would start.
We ran the eliminations at full speed and managed to run the last finals at 12.00.
Some 20 minutes later it started to drop, which didn't end for days.

After the prize giving ceremony in a tent we wrapped up the entire race facility.
After that we got a good dinner at Casa Nostra with Kjula Dream Team.

Next event is the finals for this season.
15-17 September. See you there!