Marcus Perman Pro Mod.
Spring 2019 with the car freshly put together Marcus slided in to the wall at Santa Pod Raceway.
He repaired the front with a large amount of polyester and fibre glass.
Didnt really matter since he had the moulds for his front...
...that he wanted to get modified slightly before making a new cast.

The problem was that the clearance in the front was too high.

The rules states that there should be 3" clearance in front of the wheels and 2" behind.
In reality 2" clearance from the side panels are pretty rare, and since that wasnt the case here
the nose ended up having something like 4" clearance.

I wanted to add 2" in the nose section but Marcus insisted on allot less.
I cut away the edge from the moulds, flipped it upside down and filled the gap to the floor with fibre glass.
As I sat inside the front working as a little monkey the finnish was not important.

After i finished the modification I created a split between the parts.

The moulds were stored outside. For a lung time.
They demanded loads of work with polishing to ensure release later on.

I wrapped breather cloth on the moulds outside to reduce the risk of fibres or edges to puncture my vacuum bag later on.
The moulds had plywood discs that I didnt want to include in my vacuum bag so I let them stick out of the bag.

The laminating process was quite intense so I didnt take much photos of it.

As the cast had hardened I opened up the vacuum bag, took out all consumables and peelply.
I wanted to put in enforcements before I took it out of the mould.
I glued aramid honeycomb sheets and laminated them in place with one additional layer of carbon fibre.
Then I rolled back the vacuum bag and re closed it with fresh gum tape and ran it under vacuum once more
to make the carbon i just added to really push down to the aramid.

When all had hardened it was time to have a look at the result.
I was not sure of how close to the moulds edge would be needed so I lay ed carbon all the way
causing the carbon to fold itself around the edges of the mould at some (most) places.
I grind ed all edges clear from carbon causing carbon hairs flying around almost everywhere.
I even got an electric shock from my grinder as carbon hairs had found its way into it.
Usually I empty my grinder from carbon fibres by blowing it clear but obviously not often enough.

Normally the first layer in the moulds are gelcoat. It helps grinding and painting the surface
but Marcus asked for no gelcoat. I never guarantee exhibition looks on the parts I make.
Some areas are good looking, some are less. The point is the weight.
This front weight 15kg as it left my shop. A tree, fasteners and paint will be added
but a hole for the engine will be removed. I had hoped for it to be lighter
but keep in mind that its over 2 meters long.