August 8-9 2020.
Almost without spectators due to Covid-19.
50 special tickets were sold weeks prior the race.
First weekend in August usually offers good weather, and now it did indeed.
Almost 30 degrees C and more made the need for water and sun cream essential.
The track was prepared well before any teams showed up.
Ronnie had gotten another rescue vehicle for the end of the airfield.

I had planned the pits this time, so instead of scruteneering cars like I usually do,
I and Isabell guided all teams to their designated pit area.
There were 152 teams so all could not just take some space as they saw fit.
Sunset over the area were magical.

Saturday morning I shifted workplace.
I now worked at the entrance of the lineup area, calling all classes via radio
to the pit wardens. The trick was to never let the lineup get empty,
but at the same time call up all teams as late as possible so no one
had to stand in the lineup longer than needed in the heat of the sun.

There were 872 time slips produced during the weekend,
and I believe all teams got to run as much as they wanted.

I sneaked to the pits just before night fall.

Some teams had barbecues and some laughs while Emil Ljungvar did some overhauling of his gearbox.
Nice to see some one else than me doing that for a change.

Sunday offered just as fantastic weather as Saturday.
More sun protection and here we go.

After all teams had gone home I went through the pits cleaning up small and large spots of oil.
I really dont mind doing it, but if the teams notice they drop some oil,
we gladly offer them powder to clean it up before they leave.

As a thanks for all help I got a trophy from Börje and Ronnie.
Nice to see they appreciate my dedication.

Next event is 19-20 September.
That will be the finals for Kjula 2020.
Stay tuned.