13-14 June 2020.
First event at Kjula was supposed to be May 30-31,
but due to the covid-19 outbreak that race was cancelled.
Instead the second event turned out to be the first.
Without spectators for obvious reasons.

We were a couple of happy soles that prepped the track and fixed various things around it.
After the last event in autumn the track surface is sanded and all our rubber is removed,
so every spring we have to make a new track from scratch. That is the downside of arranging
races at an active airfield. We will have to settle with the fact that the rubber is'nt removed between each race.
Marcus is our track supervisor. He determines how much rubber verses glue should be applied.
Sandra and Micke helped out driving one of the tractors.

I repaired the port over the track. It was in pretty bad shape after many years.
I couldn't get hold of our MIG welder so I had to experiment my way with the MMA.
This was the first time welding with that technique and I cant say it felt perfect,
but my guess is that it got better than it was.

All the tracks cars got a good wash. Some "new" were added to the fleet.
The track ambulance got new electrics last year. Now we just added a reg plate.
(112 is the emergency number in Sweden)

Not only the tracks cars needed service.
Johan Forslund was to compete in Pro Street (7,6) with his newly bought Berretta.
He needed someone to put a scoop on it. The front were partly carbon fibre,
but the scoop were fibre glass, so I chose to fasten it with fibre glass and polyester.
Allot quicker than epoxy and carbon fibre, and the schedule were tight naturally.
I just did the fastening. He took care of sanding and wrapping him self.

Since this race was without spectators, there was not a chance to make it happen
unless we got at least 100 teams. One week prior to deadline for entrance we had about 60 or mayby 70 teams.
When the entrance was closed one week prior the actual race there were 120 teams

One week prior mid summer (Swedish national summer-get-drunk-weekend).

The weather was insanely good. 22-24 degrees C and sunny all weekend.
There were one or two clouds but no risk for rain. Some small winds from time to time
killed some tents in the pits and also the stand for the scoreboards I made last year.
Those that didnt put enough sun protection on came to regret it.

I was pit warden for 4to6, ProStreet, Vintage and Stock Super Stock. I got help from a very
talented young girl who did her first weekend at Kjula.

Björn Lundin had magic luck.
A piston pin broke but stayed in the piston resulting in nothing but a strange noise.
They pulled the engine apart instead of trying to rev the noise away.
Well done boys!

There were some Audis at the track. They encountered some axle trouble.
One guy managed to bust both his prop shaft and a drive axle at the same time.

Göran Pihl didnt get one single sun with his Ford 32 Funny car.
A bolt inside the compressor got loose and made chaos with the rotors.

Mats Thomasson was the last man standing in class Vintage A.
In the background Kjell Anderssons "Dog catcher" Crown Victoria.
He won 300euros from Skanstulls Däck and Stuvsta Däck for doing the coolest/best burnouts.

Chribbe Lundins dubbelturbo Fairline isn't a common setup on a not common car.
His racer friends inspect it. Cribbe didnt plan to attend at first, but made
a last minute change. Practicly changed oil, charged the batteries, loaded the car and showed up.
He had some minor troubles with the car but fixed one thing after another.
He has a really cool Saab recovery truck.

Jonas Boberg did some test passes with his Pro Stock car.

Olof Andersson (and myself) didnt get the Pro Mod Chevy 57 together,
so Olof did some test runs with his street car instead.

Micke (Husby) Johanssons son Emil, traded his something for Kenny Åsbergs V8 Volvo.
Emil ran a couple of mid 9s but only tests with it.

Syclone Robban came from Gothenburg to visit us.
He ran a couple of high 8s on saturday.
Gideon Liljegren ran 7,69-298kmh with his red Pontiac Grand Prix.
That turned out to be the quickest runs all weekend.

124 teams qualified over the weekend and produced 784 time slips during the weekend.

Thats it for this time.
Now the port is going back to its hangar for this time.

Next race is August 8-9.