THE EURO FINALS 5-8 September 2019

As we arrived to the track, we did it leading the series.
Yet only with 4 points lead to Jan Ericsson from Västerås,
but a lead is still a lead. Small or big. It was here and now the championship would be determined.

I had a feeling that I might be on the Pod with a Juke one day.
Preferable with a Juke of my own, and I didnt see it coming that I would actually get to the pod in one.

Micke and Åsa had settled the pit when we arrived thursday afternoon.
The car was already scrutineered so warmup and misc checks were all we had to do.

Fridays qualifications didnt exactly go smooth for us.
Q1 before lunch.
Fredde aka Turbo could not come along, so Kenny took his part in the staging process.
That left his work in my lap. That means guiding Micke back after the burnout and into stage.
First run was against main rival Jan Ericsson.
The car instantly shaked heavily and Micke had to pedal it.
Both cars set 0,97 in 60ft. A bit out Janne lost traction and had to get off.
Micke stopped his clock after some pedaling at 6,08.

The idea was that we were to run about 18:30, but due to
some rain the hole scheme was posponed a bit.
We ran our second run at 19:50.
The car got some blankets in the pit.

We were paired against Fredde Fagerström.
He were really closing up as he ran 6,09 in the first round.
It started to get dusky. Air got cooler and so did the track.
We did some changes to the car, but the result was none.
Fredde improved to 6,48 but something broke in his engine.

Saturdays qualifyings went on without improvement for us.
That made Jan to pass us pointswize in the championship.
He was first and second in two of the rounds (3+2 points)
and we were only third fastest in the first round (1 point).

The ladder.

The air were outstanding on sunday, eliminations day.
In a good way.
We did our best adjusting different stuff to get the Camaro down the track.
In the first round we met Dimitry Samorukov from Russia.
Dimitry ran a new PB 5,98 and kicked us out.
The Camaro shaked and behaved badly and we ran 6,06.

No 1 qualifier was Jimmy Ålund driving Magnus Peterssons Old51.
The figure in front is Christoffer Larsson.

Our pit neighbour, Jon Webster, running a very good looking mustang.
He didnt get into the ladder running 6,50.
He did have closest home though. He simply put a
towline to the car and went home that way on sunday.

Winner of the eliminations was Jan Ericsson.
He also won the championship by that.
Micke Gullqvist and all of his team congratulates him and his team.

We got the second spot in the championship.

Jimmy Ålund got third place in the Pro Mod championship.
He won the championship in ProStock.
Robin Noren won the event and got second place in the ProStock championship.

As the prize giving ceremony and party was over, We spent one more night,
the last for this season in the trailer before we loaded the car and went home by Ryan Air.

Monday evening things got back to normal.
Lunch boxes for the remaining week.
Now with onion AND champions, since we got a second place.