Kjula Dragway, Race against violence tour
21-22 September 2019

Two weeks after the finals at Santa Pod it was time for the final event at Kjula.
When this is published we are a bit into 2020 so my report might be a bit short on details...
I Scrutineered some cars on friday evening as usual.
Markus Forslin made sure the track were ready for what was comming its way.

My team collegue from Olofs ProMod team, Henrik Lindström showed up for some test n tuning
of his streetweek Bel Air 53. To his assistance he had brought Bengt Söderberg.

Torbjörn, Tota, Israelsson was no 1 qualifyer running 8,34-255kmh.
He also won teh saturdays eliminations. Congratulations!

Tobias Johansson from Oskarshamn has really struggled against the odds with his Saab powered Oldsmobile.
This time he had brought pro stock legend Mr Snowball Jan Palmqvist for his assistance, tuning the chassies.
Didnt work out that well and he was still not qualifyed as the eliminations started on sunday.

Micke Edstrand points out how far the flames reached when he blew the engine
as he was testing the launc controle outside the garage once.

Tobias Fridberg showed up in his spanking fresh built Volvo C70.
1,24 in 60ft first time at the starting line, then the prop shaft broke.

Kim Norgren was second qualifyer with his gray Volvo 142 (907-235kmh),
but he got kicked out of the ladder in the semi finals by Tomas Berglind.

Kims little brother, Tobias with the Volvo engine equipped green Kadett popped a u-joint during qualifying,
and didnt get the parts together for sundays eliminations. Tobias still won the cup and big brother Kim ended up in second place.
Too bad the kadett didnt get stuck in my camera.

Tomas Berglind ended up as Q3 running 9,12-246kmh with his boosted BMW.
Han ended up in third place in the cup.

Alexander Edlund became Q4 (9,29-198kmh) with his Mitsubishi Evo5.
He had all kind of problems during qualifying and wasnt able to show up for eliminations.
After eliminations he did a test run wich resulted in 8,59-269kmh.

A familliar car showed up for test n tune.
A bmw called the NAJ (due to its registration plate) formerly owned by Mats Jacobsson,
that we brought to Poland once a long time ago. New owner is Henrik Gustavsson.
He didnt run any numbers worth mentioning but good to see the car is still alive.

Test n tune is the perfect way for airing your old or new car without pressure.

For those who couldnt och didnt want to test on the track there were a big exibition.
The saturday weather were really kicking.

Sundy did not include much sun.

Anders Westberg clearly shows that not only the sun were absent.
Temperature was...
...cold. =)

Ove Åkerman have became somewhat of a living legend at Kjula.
He gave his son a ride of his life in the passenger seat.

Assar Lahti (son of my crewshief Filip Säfsten) had struggled all year,
and for the last race of the season he finally took the victory.
Hard work pays ous since he also won the cup.

Thats it for Kjula dragway 2019.

Here is a link to the cup results: