Kjula Dragway, Race against violence tour
15-16 June 2019

Season opening for my home track Kjula Dragway.
I got involved in the organization arranging the races at Kjula.
It might look wiered at first so I will try to shed a light over the organization.
The races are arranged by an economical association called Kjula Dragway.
Ronnie Palmsäter and Börje Thunman are behind that association.
They rent the airfield, medics and rescue team, buys advertising and so on.
To their help arranging the races there is a club associated with SBF called RKRC.
RKRC consists of voluntaries that wants to arrange the races.
Im a member and now also a part of the board in rkrc.

Friday afternoon, right after I finished working at the printers I headed directly to Kjula.
Highest priority for me was to put up the road signs at the freeway.
I didnt take any pics while we were doing that cos it was a bit stressful.
Allot of teams and spectators showed up during the weekend so I guess the signs were ok.
Then we put up the scoreboards and grandstand.
Since this is not a permanent track, the grandstands have to be put together and down at each event.

The idea was that me and Lina Braathen should work in the curve all weekend.
That means being in control of all pit wardens, calling up each class making
sure David Nyholm would have full lines of cars or bikes all weekend to guide forward to the bleach box.

If the pit wardens gave short notice or odd instructions to the teams
its most possible it was my fault.
Both me and Lina apologies for those possibilities.
This time it was almost 30 degrees C both days.
It appeared to me as every one got to run as much as they wanted.

Sunday started of a bit cloudy, but that changed to almost 30 degrees just as saturday.

A little now and then I helped out scruteneering some cars I walked thrue in the pits.
I took some pics with my phone as I was stressing back and forth during the weekend.

Syclon Robban Pothorcki (a rather famous person) came by the track to test his car on saturday.
Looked hot.

Tobias Norgren drove a Opel kadett.
He won 2019 first part event in 4to6.
Pretty good for being the first time he ever ran at this track.
Kristian Sjöberg with a volvo 740 got runner up.

Samara Ernestas Stankevicius won 4to6 light
He ran 11,20 - 230kmh.
Unfortunately there were only two cars in that class
so there were no eliminations in that class during sunday.

Anton Garner won the class Pro Street running 7,81-281 kmh at best.

Sami Holm won the class street.
Just as he did at Tierp the week prior in that class.

Anders Westerberg fought in Street with his Monza.
It used to have a procharger but now none were seen.

Ulf Axelsson usually collects on the biggest cups in the class RealStreet.
However this time he got beaten in the final by Klemens Sundelius.
I didnt know him since before so I didnt took a good picture of him.

Misc photos just...

There is traction here.

Next race here will be 10-11 of August.