It was a hard fight against time to get the car ready after the breakdown at Tierp
in the beginning of June. A new engine was put together fairly easy.
We had an old CrMo prop shaft that fitted. Micke Gullqvist found us a bad ass 10" 3rd member in USA.
We had an almost brand new ring gear and the spool were checked and ok to reuse.
There were some fiddle with bearing sizes for the spool but it all worked out eventually.
Kenny Steibert from Mickes team put the member together for us.

We got the member wednesday afternoon. Just enough for me to modify the bracket
for our rear prop shaft ring. The car was already loaded in the bus and thursday morning
the crew left the fort heading for Gardermoen, Norway.

I had to work thursday, so in the afternoon I headed to Arlanda airport to catch a flight
to Norway. The flight were fairly delayed but eventually I got to Gardermoen.
The track is right beside the international airport.

Olof and Henke had just unloaded the car when I reached the pit.
They installed the 3rd member while the car was still in the bus.
We had test installed a different 10" member the previous week,
but this bad ass member needed some additional grinding in the housing to fit.

Since I had already eaten before I flew, I could start putting in axles
while the rest of the crew ate dinner. Things fitted poorly at first,
but after a while I got help and all was put together.
A quick check of the clutch and it was sleeping time.

We were offered three qualifying runs both on friday and saturday.
First run on friday wasnt at all what we had expected.

The car was completely wild off the line with heavy shakes.
Olof had to shut off quite instantly and shut off the engine and all systems.
When doing so the tracks auto shut off system doesnt deploy the shutes.
Frank, who worked with safety at the track noticed that and wanted to do a check
of the system in the pits. It worked fine in the pits.

For the second round I took away some weight off the clutch,
and an even deeper drop of ignition were put in.
It did almost no change to the cars performance.

One possible gremlin was the trigger select switch.
It appeared as it was possible to connect it in a couple of different ways,
and perhaps it did some not so funky stuff for us...

For the third round, I removed more even weight and the ignition drop were even deeper.
Now the car did just as expected. It was really lazy off the line. As predicted.
That was a good thing since now we have found its outer limits of what it wants...
...and not.

Me and Pez took down the clutch and put in new discs before dinner was served.

Saturday morning.
I tend to wake up around 07.00 at the tracks, so a walk around the track
in the morning while the coffee is getting ready is nice.

Found this awesome JR Drag pushcar in the pits.

A good guess on the tuneup for the first round were set up.
I write me and I, but its Micke Gullqvist who's tuning the car.
I mainly work on the clutch and try to do as I'm told.

The car left the line pretty descent. Better than ever actually. 1,04 in 60ft.
One pedal after 60ft and another one around 200m resulted in 6,85 - 350kmh.

The ET is obviously affected by the pedaling, but I had a good feeling as I turned
around towards the time slips, when I noticed Frank was standing right behind me...
...and he started to shout. I quickly turned back and saw a big cloud at the end of the track.
A bit confusion until it was settled that it was our car that had crashed.

Now what?
No one from our team were allowed to head off to the end of the track.
One of Stian Rusånes (that we drove against) team members phoned his crew guy
that were to tow Stian back. I got to talk to there crew guy.
He told us Olof jumped out of the car quickly so at least he was okay.

After a long wait, the car came back in a bodybag to the technical inspection.

Olof was driven past us directly to the pit. He was ok, but he should call his family.

When the tech inspection was finished me and Henke were let in to see what we could do.

The front wheels were not in place and aiming for anything but forward.
We did some field engineering to get the car back in its wheels.
Otherwise it would almost impossible to load it into the bus.
After the race were closed the car was brought back to the pits so we could
put it up on the projacks and get a better image of whats broken and whats not.

Henke put the parts from the front together like an amazing puzzle.
We could see most of the parts were there but this was beyond repair.
Not even with lots and lots of racers tape could we put this together.

Micke Gullqvist were no 1 qualifier ith 5,91 - 370kmh.

Unfortunately a driveshaft broke and the modular axle broke...
...or maybe the axle broke first and snapped the shaft.
Hard to say, but this is extremely rare.
Olofs axle dimensions were different from Mickes so he couldnt borrow it.
Micke packed up and left on saturday evening.

We stayed and left Sunday lunch after some rain delayed the eliminations.

Jan Ericsson won the eliminations later on.
Big congratulations!

The bus, referred to as the mothership, brought us all the way home.
We unloaded the car monday evening and started taking it apart.

We will not get the car ready for Tierp in three weeks. Thats for sure.
Team PM571 will now enter winter mode and come back in some way 2020.