Early 2019 an old friend of mine regained contact and needed help with some fibre glas mouldings.
Two fibre glass seats needed some minor modifications. I explained that none of the jobs I could
assist with would get a clearance fron tuv or equal, but I promised to do as good as I could...
...or at least give proper instructions.
E28Eve as she cals herselfe nowdays have a Vlog on Youtube. Thats pretty much like a blog on youtube nowdays.
She has a lifework on a bmw E28 now and she is to put it out to exibition on Street and performanceshow in elmia this easter.
Ofcourse I can help with what I can.

Saturday preluch she showed up with the seats in the wokgarage.
Im not sure if she understood the amount of work she was demanding.
Annyhow, I was shurely not prepared for it.
She was happy as ever so I thought, what the heck. Lets do this.
Appointment with the saddle maker was already made during the week afer...
...so with two persons with the same sense of time ecual to a blind person as a librarian
what could possible go wrong?
Do or die has never sensed so true.

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I realized quite soon this was pretty much more than I would give one day for,
but the time for the saddle maker was already booked so it was no time to be thinking.
Just do it.
I did weld some brackets for the headrests, but Eve did most of the cutting.
In the film it looks like I do all the plastic lamination, but thats just because
when shes laminating I was supposed to manage the camera, but inestead I instructed her how to do it.

I absolutely does not hold courses in this matter,
but when an old friend asks nicely Im prepared to do an exeption.

Screenshots from E28Eve's vlog:

As we were waiting for the last lamination to cure eve presented my car.
She even managed to to put in a clip of when I ran europes first FWD 8 sec run.
I can not other be honored.

Clock was 04.30 when we were finnished, so we were tired as monkeys to say the least.
My biggest concern was how she would manage to drive the 1 huor home after we were done, but that went splendid. Ofcourse.