Me and Olof Andersson who I work on the clutch and various things for
visited Michael Gullqvist early spring 2018. Just as sudden as unexpected the question
popped up at the coffe break if I wasnt supposed to join them to the main event?
I had plans for working in the scrutenering at Kjula, my home track, so I first declined.
When I told my girlfriend later that evening about the offer she questioned my mental health... the day after I called Michael and told him I changed my mind.
The ink on the passport from the Gainsville trip had hardly dryed so why not.

The weekend prior the main event a big price money outlaw doorslammer event took place at the pod.
Michael, Åsa and the car remained at the track since then. Me, Fredde "Turbo" Westerlind, and
Kenny Steibert were the only ones traveling to the track. We met up early at Arlanda.

Fredde and Kenny have ben to the pod numeruos of times, and lastly one week earlier
so I took place in the rear seat of the rental car when we reached Stansted airport.
The track was about a 2 hour drive from the airfield. I just hooked along.
When we reached the track, Michael and Åsa had already unloaded and scrutineered the car.
My job at the track was mainly to assist Fredrik with any issues behind the torpedo wall.
Kenny was in charge of the engine and any service or issues with it.

There were alot of fammiliar faces at the scene so even if I had never ben to this track it fealt well fammiliar.
Robin Noren was there to start his first full season in Pro Stock.
Björn Mårtensson and Micke Kågered in TF, Fredde Fagerström and lots of people I know were there.
Jimmy Ålund whos running Magnus Perssons old 51 business cupe that won the doorslammer event.
As a bonus I finnaly met the Luke Stevensson I learnt to know by the web a long time ago but never met berfore.
He worked for the track and made interviews with people, like me, that he found interesting in the pits.

The competition went on like a fary tale.
Noting broke an we were only doing some maintanance service on the car.
We ended up as No 1 qualifyers with a nice 5,91 - 245mph.

One thing I have never previously noticed was the dresscode at the track.
Every one in the team doesnt just put a team shirt on and thats fine.
The dresscode in Michaels team is black pants. Not the kind of wood workers pants I had.
I got to borrow a pair of simple black pants so I could film the tyres in slowmo
right at the hit. Thats something that is analyzed between the runs.
I also went with the golf car with Åsa to tow Michael back from the end of the track,
and assisting with the weight, while Fredde and Kenny prepared the pit.

During qualifying the team shirst was Lucas Oil but for eliminations we carried
Michael Gullqvist Racing shirts instead. Thats how it always is.
Eliminations went really well and Michael did an astonishing work driving
and tuning the car. So well we won the finals against rival Jimmy Ålund.
We all got verry happy but the feeling were that many hadnt expected different.
That might be ok, but one must never forget that during eliminations ANYTHING can happen.
It aint over 'til the fat lady sings.

Right after the winners photograph were taken and Michael headed of to the price giving ceremony
The rest of us rushed like mad to pack up the pit, the tent, kitchen, car and everything into the trailer.
Michael were to leave the track the next day but me, Fredde and Kenny were going home with the first flight the day after.
We checked in to the airport hotel right after midnight.
Se ya all in the lobby at 04.00 fealt almost like a joke.
A grand shower and a taste of the pillow and thats that.
Tired but also verry happy we flew home in the morning.

I went straight to work, Fredde had some work meetings to take care of.
The only smart enough to take an extra day vacation from work was Kenny.

This was a real adventure with a golden edge.
Incredible fun to work with designated pros like this.
Next event I will do my best to help Olof Andersson at Tierp Arena.
Talk about a great reversal.