Pistonhead Open 3-2015 27-28 June
The dyno at DTE Racing the 2nd of May didnt exactly go as planned.
The Darton dry sleeves sank in the engine block before we were finnished.
That fact caused poor clamp force between the head and block and leakage between the cylinders.
We ripped the engine apart and after some considerations we came to the conclution
that it was a fair try to simply resurface the block and put it back together.
We were almost ready for the season start race, but instead of doing as usual, just rap it up,
we took the time we needed to do things correctly.
All things.
Even the tow truck got some attention.
Or at least a new engine. Not a brand new but a better one.
New headgasket, some diesel pump adjustment and new filters and fuel it worked.
Good enough to cause a tire explotion after its first miles.

This was not the first tyre explotion we were experiencing,
so a quick change to the spare and we were off to the track again.

We got to borrow Rolf Råttan Keisers bus for the race, so we woke up after
a superb nights sleep. In the morning the team were completed with some extra members.
After eating a superb breakfast and doing all regular checking it was time for warmup.
Everyone were engaged in the warmup run procedure.

As the warmup run were completed, we towed the car to the starting area whaiting for our turn.

We were under the impression that we had checked everything and we had it all under controle.
Unfortunally I started the engine slightly too early prior to our run.
That made the engine run a bit warm but most important the oil ran warm.
Far from overheating but warm enough to change viscosity and giving the oil pump
a hard time to maintain the pressure. We got a Autoverdi oil pump this year so
all oil pressure issues would be past, but aparently so were not the case.
We ran WolfHead 20W-50 just as in the dyno wich have ben doing well when running methanol,
but we noticed some slight pressure issues in the dyno too.
As a precaution I had programmed a safety feature in the new Haltech Elite ECU,
telling it that if oil pressure does not exceed 30PSI it will not allow the engine to rev above 3000rpm.
Oil pressure did not exceed 30PSI and therefore the car was undrivable.
We had to abort the run.

This was pretty far from a good start of the season.
As a precaution we changed the oil and waited for our next run.

In the second run I started the engeine later.
But not too late. If the engine is started too late there is a risk of cold run
and that causes the methanol not to ignite properly resulting in poor power.
A hot methanol engine will result in more power but in my case with low oil pressure
so thats not an option. This time we started the engine just in time.

It was not a new record, but it was the first full pass for the season.
Unfortunally something blew about 300m causing a minor fire.

The operation we did with the engine after the dyno were unsuccessful.
The sleeves had sank again, and this time the damage were alot worse.
The combustion had went down to the crank case in the back side of the sleeves
and the combustion had also made a large hole in the head on its way out.
The head were repairable, but the block were not.

This was nothing we could fix trackside, so we left the car in the pit for spectators to wach.

Here are some cool cars we could wach at the track.