Lets go racing!
2014 became a year of construction that ended up in some track time.
That gave us a good list of improvements that was needed for next year.
Since we totaly blew the engine in the last race due to a malfunctioning oil pump,
a brand new engine was needed. A new oil pump was bought from Autoverdi.

Stefan at Japtuning delivered most of what I needed for the engine.
Cam sprockets, valves, rockers, alu rods, dry sleeves and bearings.

This head was filled with a custom plastic as I was told it was superior concrete.
The block were filled with concrete and darton dry sleeves as we know works.

Arash at PBZ delivered a brand new engine management system with a dash logger.
There were no major problems with our previous system, but we had some trouble with interferance that we couldnt solve.
Haltech Elite series were released on the market last autumn so this is the latest drop on the market.

We did not reach our goal at 1200Hp last time and that was blamed on the cams, the compression and the intake runner.
The cams were designed for petrol engines, we ran 8,5 comp CP pistons and the intake was build with stock items.
Since the cams got destroyed in the last engine I ordered a new set from Kelford.

We built the new engine with JE pistons giving us 10:1 in compression.
I designed and got made new intake runners from Fräsarn.
Then all I had to do was to copy the old intake but with bigger runners.

Just to make sure I got a Turbobanditen TB90 with 90mm billet impeller

The new oil pump had its feed in and pressure sections in the oposit order than the old,
so there were some serious thinking rerouting all hoses.

When all construction was done it was time for this years start up.
Doesnt matter if the engine has ben rebuilt for the hundred time.
Still there is something magical about the first startup.

If, or why not say when, the engien runs smooth as silk in the car with a new ECU
it is time to rip it out of there and go to the nearest dyno.
Engine stand alone- or car-dyno is pretty much up to anyones taste, but with such an advanced transmission
as we are talking about here it is best with a stand alone-dyno for safety and ware issues.
Nearest and best engine dyno is Dr Ernie at DTE Racing

So how did it go?
Last time we were here an oil hose got loose, spraying oil all over the engine, room, boxes.
Apart from that everything went smooth apart from that we were lacking some power.
This time we hardly added any rpm or boost until the engine were loosing compression.
Ernie runs the dyno and supplies with fantastic support.

Filip checks the engine in the dyno. As Ernie runs the dyno, Arash Adib, PBZ, that has sold the ECU is doing the tuning in place.

What we were able to see before the engine broke was that we are on the right way.
Same boost as last year and still over 50hp more. We changed to the 80mm turbo to begin with
so that we could refer to the values we got in the dyno. It was also quite tricky to tune it with 90mm turbine.

Now the engine is broken, so I have to take it apart to see where the comp has gone.
Then its off to the tracks.