Bilsport Actionmeet August 1st

In the summers issue of the magazine (14/15-2015) the Juke was published on two places.
At first there was a presentation of the Juke and its capabillities to increase the interest
for the magazines upcoming event, Actionmeet, at the former European Dragracing championship track.
There were also a summer-crossword where one of the images was from the Juke coverage.

The damage was severe on the engine after the premiere race at Kjula in late July.
A new engine block was prepared, filled with concrete and sent away for dry sleeve mounting.
I welded the head my selfe and as it was left to Blenco for true grinding I let them
open up the spark plug holes large enough to use NGK sparkplugs with 21mm socket.
We were finnished with the car just above one week prior to the race so we tested the launch controle.
It ended up in valve float and one broken valve. Lift the head and replace it.
The car is built for quick service but lifting the head is not included in quick services.

The truck got a set of new tires this time, but that was a poor comfort as the engine boiled
at one of Stockholms most trafficated roads outside city center. We towed to a local petrol station
to refill with water and retighten some hose-clamps.
We had some food at Max hamburgers in Nyköping
After that everything went smooth. We went to the track friday evening.
The race didnt start until saturday so we spent the night at the track.

Actionmeet is usually a collection of all kinds of motor sports racing.
Therefor the name of the event. This time they had skipped everything but the dragrace,
wich made our life alot easyer. The trip to the scruteneering went smooth.

After scruteneering there was the drivers meeting.
All drivers should attend.

I have lost count of how many drivers meetings I have attended to, but since this is a test event
open for beginners and lots of drivers are here to test their car for the first time this was verry important.

Since this track day was open to all kinds of vehicles my Juke ends up in class 8, maximum outlaw something...
Not surprisingly this was the biggest class. Here are some Danish FWD cars, but also Samuel Yngvesson with
his Toyota engined Nissan Skyline and Tobbe Johansson with the Kalmar-Volvo far up in the line.

There was a long waiting for us.
The weather was almost idealic.
Sunny and fine but without being too hot.

Since we were busy making the car work at all before we loaded it there were no time for test drive.
That resulted in a lazy first burnout. The engine sounded like is should but was completely powerless.
Back in the pit the log showed that there were some serious trigger failures.
The crew with the Kalmar Volvo had a spare hal sensor that we tested. We soldered
and tested all different settings and setups and were almost prepared to give up.
Then we got to hear about the digital filteres available in the Haltech software.
Some software programming and we were good to go.

We didnt produce any new records or even a 8sec run that we had hoped for,
but it was one full throttle run and the fastest FWD ever run at that track.
The scoreboard showed 9,29-235kmh but most importantly the engine was in one piece and it accelerated the whole way.
The engine got too much fuel and the boost was really low as a running in procedure.
Remember that this was the first run with a brand new engine.

Everything wasnt in one piece when thinking of it.
The Juke and its engine were,
but as we were to load it onto the truck the winch on the truck broke down...

After the event the magazine published a photo and some coments.