X-treme car show Lahti, Finland, 4-5 October 2014.

First weekend in October we were invited to attend to the X-treme Car Show in Lahti, Finland.
Lahti is situated about an hours drive from Helsinki. The show was an orgie of race cars,
show cars, bikes, trucks, pin-up shows and party.

Thursday afternoon we headed off the ferry taking us from Stockholm to Helsinki.

We were not the only ones invited to the show from Sweden.
Some 20 vehicles were gathered in the docks and spent the night onboard the ship.

On our way thrue Helsinki we saw this statue that we guess is rather famous.

After some searhing for the highway we could push the pedal to the metal.
Since our own truck is in such poor condition we rented one from Andreas Eriksson, No Fear Motorsport,
just as we did to get to Kjula for the seasons races. This time we got the slightly older silver colored one.
It wasnt as fancy as the red one but what it lacked in shine it payed back in boost. Good stuff. =)
Just as we reached the trucks top speed, Lukas Koos and Henrik Andersson slowly passed us.

Finnaly we arrived to the fair and rolled into the hall.
Rather soon we realized the size of our exibition area was far too small for us.
We stole some extra space but it still got quite messy with the front end beside,
wheeliebars, posters, film display, and so on. I feel we did as good as we could.

After many hours of figuring stuff out, polishing and preparing it was time to head off to the hotel.
The organizers had set up a hotel shuttle that took us to the hotel with ease.
As we were waiting for the shutle there were still some people washing their cars.
We stayed at Scandic wich had a fantastic hamburger restaurant next door.

Saturday morning met us with heavy fog.
Good thing this was an inside exibition.

On saturday evening the exibition halls were closed and there was a gigantic party
containing of pin-up shows and live music all night long.

There was a big price scermony at Sunday afternoon on the big stage.

The Juke got 1st price for best performance car at the whole event!

The price scermony took just a bit longer than we had expected,
so we didnt really have time to enjoy the sweetness of victory.
30 minutes after we recieved the price all of our stuff were packed into the car.
We rolled out the car and fastened it onto the truck in record speed.
It took us about 1,5 hour to get from Helsinki to the fair.
We now had 45 minutes until the ship would sail. After some serious reckless driving
all the way and thrue the city center of Helsinki that would probably be punished by jail
we rolled onto the ferry as the absolutely drop dead last vehicle.
We didnt even got out of the car deck before the ferry started to moove.

First beer at the ferry was like heavenly.
Thereafter we had some awsome party all night long.

Monday just before noon we arrived to Stockholm.

Patrik tries to sum the intense weekend in Finland.

We thank Andreas Eriksson at No Fear Motorsport for renting
us the exelent tow truck.