It was time for time for some test runs with the Juke!
At our home- and favourite track Kula Dragway!

We were very excited, weather was great and everyone were wondering how it would run.
Practicly a brand new chassie, just put together inspired by cars from the US.
Engine just dynoed, so this was our very first tracktime in almost two years.
Expectations were sky high.
We in the team knew this was just a first test,
but it was obvious all fans and followers that showed up wanted
to see good results at once. It did put some preasure on us,
and it was good we didnt have much mechanical things planned to fix.

Here is a film from the event.
there is english text available, but unfortunally it is badly out of sync:

For this event we got to borrow a bus from Keiser Racing.
The bus didnt have any slot for the car, so a truck was also needed.
Andreas Eriksson, No Fear Motorsport has one just for the job.

We arrived to the track friday afternoon and rigged the pit.
Had some party lights to enhance the mood.

As we drove back and forth the scruteneering we discovered that
the wheeliebars built by the previous owner of the chassie didnt fit our needs,
so some small adjustments were made to them.

Saturday morning.
Sun was shining just as the car.
Cameras are rigged in the rear.

I dont think it was until we hat towed the car up to the starting area
we all realized how close we really were. This was really it.
The guy in the orange shirt is Tom. He's the one doing all filming.
Straping yourselfe into the car with all gadgets fealt really like home.

We started off last in our class with a bye.
No one wanted to be in the other lane, and we didnt want any one there either.
First we wanted to get a feeling of the car doing a nice and smooth run.
Not that I know how thats done, but I'll do my best.

Did a careful burnout in third gear.
Didnt feel like I got enough speed on the tyres, but it was ok.
What did not feal ok was the starting procedure.
It was quite obvious the clutch didnt act up as I was used to in the old car.
I had a really hard time making the car stand still when in launch controle.
So hard I overstaged. Twice. In my second attempt there came some smoke from the car.
After letting the car cool down we did a new attempt.

I fealt at once, the clutch were bad.
Chose not to even do a burnout, just rolled carefully into stage.
As the tree turned green I lifted the clutch pedal and the car hardly left the line.
I reved up the engine to 6000 and the car started to accelerate.
Not like a shot from a gun, but accelerate. I remember wonder what would happen if I'd floor it.
Thought, there's just one way to find out.
As the needle hit 9000rpm the clutch locked up and the cold tyres started to smoke.
Passed the 200m marker at 170kmh, I geared up a couple of times, but nothing happened.
Then reality hit me. Maby the clutch dint lock up 100% after all?
I let go of the throttle and rolled across the finnish line after some 13 sec.

Here are some photos from the far end of the track when I still thought
an adjustment of the clutch was all that was needed.

I were so wrong.
An adjustment was not even close to what was needed.
We tested to adjust the airgap when we got back to the pit,
but that didnt do it. After we removed the engine and took down the clutch
we were faced with the fact that we needed a new clutch.
The titanium ex pro stock clutch were beyond resque.

I were basicly on my way to a friend in Oskarshamn, a 4h drive to borrow his clutch.
Fortunally we went around some in the pits prior to leaving and we came up lucky.
Our friends in team Norrén racing knew the Pro Stock racer Mats Jacobsson who lives just some 20 minutes from the track.
Not only did they know him. They even knew he had clutches for sale.
We were finnished just in time for the last run of the day.

This was really it.
We set the clutch just as the old one,
thinking if we skip the starting procedure it would survive and let us get some data.
Just to make sure we get some temp in the tyres I did the burnout in fourth gear.
That fealt just awsome!

What did not feal awsome was the run itself.
The car jumped and bumped in all possible ways right off the line,
and I almost lost control of it. I had to let go of the throttle completely and go back on.
It was not pleasant in any way. Rolled softly the rest of the run and mad a mid 12.

As we were to tow the car back to the pit we discovered it didnt turn right.
It turned out the steering gear had colapsed from the vibrations.

The gear is a race gear that we ordered from the UK and then heavily modifyed,
so the weekend were thereby ended.

Sunday afternoon Filip made some hamburgers as we came back to the garage.

Here are some misc photos of friends cars that were at the race.

We now have some to do until next race
We aim to run the next Piston head open at Kula Dragway
It will be 6-7 september!