Second test.
Piston Head Open, Kjula Dragway 6-7 September 2014
We had mended the broken pieces after our first test.
We didnt get much data out of the test,
but we got some track time and sometimes thats all that is needed.

We got to borrow Keiser Racings bus again.
We got a truck from No Fear Motorsports to transport the Juke.

The LED lists we had last time to get a cozy pit started to get a bit too cozy.
In fact, there were only one half out of five that even glowed... a set of new lights were put up this time.
Less cozy, but more practical since we figured work comes first.

You didnt need to be a pro to realize the summer was reaching its end.
Really foggy and prety cold in the morning.

One could see at the exhaust fumes there were still fog in the air.

Things we have updated or replaced sine out last try was the shocks, clutch linkage,
steering gear, a paralell shaft between the steering hubs, wattlink adjustment.
We were all really curiuos to see how the updates and adjustments would work out.

Everyone needs to stay sharp at the track.

Focused or not, the results didnt really exceed our expectations and hopes.

The car was just like in the first test really hard to keep still when in launch controle,
causing it to do a merge but still an anoying false start.
The 60ft time were killed by the false start, but once I got the car running it went pretty well,
stopping the clock at 9,88-251kmh.

At least nothing broke, so we could keep the maintanance to a normal level.

Im standing beside my mother talking to Mikael Edstrand.

Second run.
We lowered the start rpm and increased the boost at launch.
It starts to get quite complicated just to be straped into the car.

When Im strapped into the car, the team can start preparing for the next run.

Every time feals so exciting.
When I engage first gear the car jumps in a random direction.
Even if I know it was first gear, there is still some doubt if the car took a jump backwards.
Its nothing wrong. Its just the way it turns out if the dog rings arent aligned.
Will probably take a while to get used to that.

In the burnout I fealt at once the adjustment of the launch was alot better.
I slowly entered stage to save some clutch. Then full throttle and it fealt great!

The time slip shows it was not just a feeling.
1,31 in 60ft has to be some kind of FWD record. I know its a personal best by almost a tenth.
5,5-195kmh at 201m is not bad at all and all fealt good until suddenly I lost all power.
As a natural reaction I pushed the clutch and brake as hard as I could. Thats why I didnt have any speed at 402m.
The ECU turned into safe shutdown due to increasing EGT. Fealt pretty stupid at first,
but it is a verry smart function in the Swedish built MaxxECU.
However the ECU only did what I told it to doo.

If I abort the run, the car should be towed off the track,
and to be diagnosed in the pit.

A quick look in the log showed exactly what happened.
I added some more fuel to the lean areas. Thats all.

For different reasons the engine had turned rather cold as we were waiting in the lineup for our turn.
A cold engine running on methanol does not ignite propperly, and the car couldnt do the burnout in fourth gear.
I backed up and tryed to do a short burnout in third gear instead.
Looking back at it, that was a bad call.
After atempting the first time the engine got much better temp,
and hit the rev limit rock hard as there were too little traction in third gear in the water.
Hitting the rev limit that hard with a SR20 engine is like begging for rocker salad.

I had forgotten to bring any extra rockers to the track,
so I went home to the garage to get some while Filip and the rest of the team took out the engine for clutch service.
As I got to the garage about one hour later I called Filip to see if I needed to bring anything more.
A new engine didnt sound much fun?

It apears as if the rockers had locked two valves in open position.
One valve mated with the piston so hard we couldnt even separate them so I concider them married.
One valve got stuck in the intake runner trying to escape. Parts of it managed to hammer cyl 4 some
and filling the turbo with aluminium grains.
We stayed the night at the track until sunday until we loaded and headed home.

Its three weeks until next and last race for the season.
We are doing all we can to get the car running until then.

Last race is at Kjula Dragway 27-28 September 2014