Things are realy happening in the garage.
Might not look so due to few updates here,
but let me give you a hint of whats going on.
This is a summary from April-May.

For a long time we tryed to figure out how to get the space in the chassie
that we needed to implement all our wild plans into reality.
The solution was to cut off the chassie and let Anreas Sjödin make some new tubes for us.

As the country of Sweden was still covered in snow,
a very large and heavy package arrived from Currie enterprises.
85Kg heavy duty parts straight thrue.

A couple of days later a new pakage arrived.
This time it was a Competition engineering axel housing and some bits and pieces.
We put the axle in the chassis at once. However it was a bit clumsy,
so we cut out a small chump out of it.

At Åby Swapmeet in Norrköping I found a used Mark Williams third member.
It was used by Fast Fred Fagerström. Didnt last long in his amazing pickup,
but in my aplication I would say its pretty much everlasting.

To get our wheels to rotate in the direction of making the car go forward,
some part of the axle had to be turned upsidedown.
At first we figured it was easyest to turn the complete axle upsidedown,
but after a quick evaluation, we changed the bolt pattern and just put the third member upsidedown instead.

We spent many long nights trying to figure out how to best mount the axle.
A kind of 4-link/wattlink seemed to fit our purposes best.
We made a precise drawing and even a model before we decided.
Some parts were easy to buy, others had to be drawn and sent for whaterjet cut.

The axle will be positioned quite off center,
so one of the pairs of chassie plates will sit on the axle pipe like a regular 4-link,
and the other pair will end up pretty long up on the housing, or completely to be correct.
Took me a while to fit those two, I can assure you.

I only fixed the plates in position.
Nova-Jörgen Karlsson did the final welding in his Ford 9" jig for accurancy.
He named the axle "The thing". I cant se why? =)

There were alot of washing the Juke we moulded the body from, to try and keep it in sellable shape.
After a long while I managed to sell it and I could get back in the business of building the race car.

Japtuning sponsored with a new fule pump, bearings and valve seals.
I previously had the red Aeromotive belt driven fuel pump, but it would nearly reach its limit
in this methanol aplication. This black one shall deliver petrol for 5000Hp, and Methanol for 2500Hp EFI.

Front engine mounts were fabricated in cardboard, drawed and whater jet cut.
Gets really nice with integrated mounts for pumps and alternator.

At the same time we fit the rear parts of the body to the rest.
In short: popclinch alot of aluminium on the gaps, where we needed to add body,
roll over the body and add fibre glass.

After curing, roll it back and rip off the aluminium and voala.
This part of the body weight about 30Kg. We will add some filler,
screws, nuts and windows but there will be some serious grinding too,
so hopefully it will not be a too big difference on the final shell.

And obviosly the front end will be added.
Here we can see Filip matching the front to the rest of the body...
...some 50-60cm away, but still trying to obtain the original shape.

We borrowed a set of 33x16,5-15 slicks for measurement from a neighbur.
The rims however didnt fit our massive hubs on the car.
Fortunantly Filip lives next door to Formula Offroad star Rolf "Råttan" Keiser.
He had a set of steel rims that we could borrow.
Not only just borrow, but also modifye quite heavily...
...wich we needed since they were 19" wide and basicly 1" backspace.

Went on like a hat.
Then we just repeted the action from the rear of the body.

Make a new wood frame. Far more advanced than the first one
to keep the shape of the complete body this time.

After letting the plastic cure, we removed the wooden frame and aluminium sheets.

The body fitted just perfect.

So now we had a Juke funnycar. =)

Here Filip is cutting out doors and a new cut of the front.
The doors were made slightly longer to obtain the 2 door feeling.

As Filip was working on the body, I made new rod bushings in berylium copper.
Pretty expensive material, really hard to mashine and also really hazardous when mashined.
For a short time of mashining I would usually not have cared,
but theese four little bastards took me 2h each to make.
I also made eight since a small measurement error made me throw away the first four.
Therefor I used a mask while mashining them.

That was a small update from what happend during April-May.
Obviously there have happened more during that time,
and yet thousand of stuff is being planned all the time.
All that is needed now is more money, and alot more time.

Keep you posted along the ride.