Media coverages of the HotWok

In the magazine Bilsport there was a big coverage of the loss,
my way back and some history.
Only on Swedish.

Bilsport 18-2015
After an insane amount of work we finally ran 9,29 at actionmeet.
That was by far the fastest FWD time ever recorded at that track.
The magazine congrattulated us.

Bilsport 14/15-2015
In the summer issue of the magazine they published a
teaser for their August event with the Juke.
Later on in the magazine one of the pics in the
cross were from the coverage earlier this year.

2015 Januari
The magazine Bilsport published a large coverage of the Juke.

2014 June
After the elmia exibition a hot rod magazine published an image of the Juke.

Wheels 7-2014, page 45
A reporter from the magazine Bilsport (Carsports) came by the garage to evaluate the coffie.
It resulted in a two page prior the big exibition-coverage.
Who could guess what to expect one month later?

Bilsport 8-2014, page 28-29
After publishing the news in the Facebook page,
the magazine Bilsport published
half a page about it in their next issue.

Bilsport 22-2013, page 59
Garage-coverage in Swedish magazine Bilsport

I bit deeper in the magazine, there is a cliffhanger
to build up interest for this summers big event ActionMeet.

The magazine Bilsport has a collumn in every issue,
where they check whats up with profiles around the country.
This time it was time for me to present my new plans...

Text translated:
Whats up with Bjorn Holmberg
WokBjorn Holmberg have ben seen quite alot in the magazine since he
introduced himself with the Cherry back in 2001. Now that car is retiring
still being the fastest FWD in Europe with a best ET of 8,99-259kmh.
This new project is based on a true out race CrMo chassie and a fibre glass body of a Nissan Juke.
Was there really no more to do with the Cherry?
Oh sure, but we fealt it was time to get rid of the constant gearbox problems.
While doing that, why not just go all the way? Now we will run a Liberty 5speed clutchless gearbox.
Will it be faaster?
Absolutely, but most important, it will be lighter. Not so much extra power at first stage.
On the Cherry we ran 28x10" slicks. For this car we aim to run 33x16,5...
Why a Juke body?
One reason is its a Nissan. Then there have ben a series of custom models made on this car,
so we figured, why not just make a killer version. Also some say its an ugly car and that
suits me pretty well, since it would be like a modern Cherry. Not many thought it was a beautiful car either.

Small clip in the magazine Bilsport after our appearance at Emmaboda

Text translated:
MATCHRACE. With two real FWD racecars in the outlaw class (class 8) on sight there would have ben
a big mistake not to make them do a matchrace. Bjorn "Hot Wok"Holmberg in his Datsun Cherry against Kalle Uhr
in his Opel Corsa with a Saab engine. Bjorn was alot faster from start to finnish running 9,94 even if that
was almost a whole second slower than his personal best. Kalle who have ran 9,91 as a personal best at Kjula Raceway
only ran low 11's at this track, but he did the events longest burnout. In the matchrace Kalle had the best reaction time.
It was so much better than Bjorns that he even crossed the finnish line first.

Link to our coverage of the event:
The car magazine "Bilsport" congrattulated us for
running the first 8 sec pass with FWD in Europe.
At first on their webpage and later on in the printed issue.

Here is our coverage of the event:

Startpage for
Uses the Hot Wok Cherry in all comercial material for the Lublin event 26 September 2010
There were flyers and posters all over town.

Here is our coverage of the event:

Mariestadstidningen did a major coverage from Moholsstrippen
with inerviews of me.

link to our coverage

Steet N Strip published a coverage from
Moholmsstrippen early 2010

link to our coverage

Magazine Bilsport had a great coverage of their event, Action meet
Mantorp 2010

Our coverage from the event has an image of woken
as a teaser for their next event in Koszalin.

Read all about it

Magazine Street & Strip 4-2010
Whole page ad for Mälardalen Open that we race in,
with our car in the background. In color.

Magazine Bilsport 16-2010
Nice coverage from their event in Sundsvall,
as we were breaking in the fresh engine.

Our coverage from the event

Magazine Street & Strip 3-2010
Whole page ad for Mälardalen Open that we race in,
with our car in the background.

Magazine Bilsport presented in number 11-2010
a new race where the magazine buys the winners car for 50.000:- SEK
We were contacted for advice, tips and trix.

Magazine Bilsport number 10-2010
page 68 right at the bottom,
there were some gossip telling
we work like hell and got lots of new parts for the season

Magazine Street & Strip 2-2010
did a general coverage from Kjula racweway 2009,
and commented our new apearance and unluck with the engine. has woken on their startpage.
They arrange races in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

We thank for 2009 years season
Talkshow broadcast 4 October 2009

TV-Coverage at TVN Turbo,
from our race in Poland summer 2009

Read all about it

Bilsport 12-2009
Small article from our season start at Emmaboda.

A digital newspaper made a web-tv coverage from the event,
with interview and film or the car.

Read all about it

Bilsport 9-2009
Small article from Bilsport Performance show 2009

Rough translation:
Björn Holmberg with the "HotWok Cherry" has developed
his car with fire, wheels and E85 fuel for this years season.
-There have ben people around the car all the time, that wants
to talk and ask questions. They wonder what car it is, and why
it has slicks in front and skinnys in rear. Great fun.
Also cool to see so much different people looking at it and having opinions.
Old school hillbillys, old ladys, men, whomen, kids and disco youngsters.

Read all about it

Street & Strip 2-2009
The wok apeared on three locations in the magazine
page 32, 62 and 67

We thank for 2008 year season

Bilsport 21-2008
We ran Swedens first FWD nine sexond pass, and also new European record!

Bilsport also published the news on their webpage

Bilsport 17-2008 and
Small article from our appearance at Actionmeet

Read all about it

Bilsport 20-2007
Small article from EDPS Malmby 2007

Read all about it

Bilsport 18-2007
Small article from Actionmeet 2007

Read all about it

Bilsport 26-2006
The magazine congratilates us for finnishing the car,
and to the fact that we got it running so fast at once.

Bilsport 12-2006
Funny coverage from my kitchen.
Its about saving money on food to build fast cars.

Street & Strip 2-2006
Coverage from Lazzat Strip Challenge that I attended at:

The whole coverage:

Bilsport 10-2005.
The magazine looks at the event EDPS thrue out the years
and comes to the conclution that HotWok is a fact worth telling.

Bilsport 16-2005
We let the crowd get a peak of the care while we were building it.

Read all about it

Bilsport 13-2005
Large coverage from our garage

Aftonbladet economic news 2005-05-02
Aftonbladet is one of Swedens largest newspapers.
The interests were really low at the time,
and they found out people seem to loan on their apartements
for all kinds of reasons. Like for building racescars...

Link to the article at

Bilsport 19-2004
Lazzat MK tells in Bilsport how Lazzat Strip Challenge at Tullinge 2004
is turning out.

We thank for 2002 yeats season

Bilsport 21-2002
Small article from TXM finals at Tullinge raceway

read all about it

Bilsport 21-2001
Big coverage with Bjorn and Elvis, both running Nissan Cherrys
trying to outrun the other, and every one else too...

Bilsport 14/15-2001
An error in the timing system made me get the fastest timeslip for the day.
This is why times have to be backed up to be official.

Bilsport 12-2001
Coverage from our first official race ever,
at EDPS, Emmaboda.
Check out wich car is doing the burnout in the big pictrure!

Read all about it

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