I do various labor. Weld alumium, crmo, port aloy cylinderheads, remove broken bolts.
What have kept me busy lately is carbon fibre.
I repair carbon fibre and fibre glas parts but I also make brand new ones.

A warning.
Its 80% risk of the original part that I get to cast from will need new paint after Im done.
I use a cemical release agent that is pretty gentle to paint,
but lots of times I need to use pretty good violence to remove the part from the cast.
That means that even if the actual paint survuives, some bumps and scratches occur.

Thats a fact you should be aware of.

Prices in euros, including make of mould.
Hood/trunk simple, for fastening with hoodpins och dzus locks: 1600 E
Hood/trunk advanced, in and outside with in cast fasteners for stock hinges: 2200 E
Front fender with all edges and things needed for stock fastening: 1400 E /each (not as pairs)
Door without window frame, in and outside glued amd laminated together: 2200 E /each (not as pairs)
Door with window frame, in and outside glued amd laminated together: 2800 E /each (not as pairs)
Bumper front modern style: 1600 E
Bumper front modern advanced (with splitters and various extra features): 2800 E
Bumper front/rear oldschool (only the actual bumper): 1200 E
Flipfront onepiece dragrace: 4000 E
Addition for removable hood out of onepiece: 500 E

Rear bumper Chevy 55: 800 E
Hood Audi S2 (double with fasteners for stock hinges): 1600 E
Trunk Audi S2 (double but without fasteners for lock or hinges): 1600 E
Roof Porsche GT2RS 991: 500 E

Custom carbon/glass-fibre labour done for 50 E/hour plus materials.

All prices are plus 25% VAT.