About the car called Woken
The car is a 1986 Nissan Cherry Turbo N12. In some countries it is referred as Pulsar or even Langley.
We call this car Woken. The correct English would be the wok, which is a nickname for it.
2004-2006 we rebuilt it to become a full out FWD dragrace car, We made it the fastest in Europe 2010-2014!
Dragrace is a sport where the competition is to travel 1/4 mile (402m) as quick as possible. Two cars race in pairs. They start at the same time and the first one to pass the finnish line is the winner.

The car was bought December 12, 2000.
The name was made up after its likeness with the dish. However it might seem odd to call a Japanese car wok since the dish wok is from Malaysia...
...but there are allot more odd things about this car to worry about.
2004-2006 we built the new chassis with 42mm normalized steel tubes. In front Volvo 850 shocks have ben rebuilt with adjustable Koni's. We use Volvo 850 brakes and hubs with modified Chrysler bearings. M20 uniballs as required. In rear we have a Diest shout since the car is able to run faster than 240kmh in 1/4 mile.
The car weights 1020kg fully fueled at starting line.
To get optimum traction in start there are wheelie bars fitted.
They are not allowed to be adjustable during the run which they are not. Neither may they be engaged with the track as the car is standing still, but as the car accelerates from the line they stop the rear end going downward, and transfers the weight to the front wheels.
They are 160cm long, and has helped us run 60ft in only 1,40 s.

2 liters 4cyl. SR20DE originally from Nissan Primera P10. Engine blueprinted by DTE Racing. Block is stock but relined with Darton sleeves, 1/2" head studs, stock crank, Saentz rods and JE pistons.
Head is modified by Woken.se. Camshafts, valve springs, titan retainers are from Kellford, Ferrea stainless valves, Tommei solid pushers, custom cam sprockets.
Intake manifold of own design after calculations from DTE Racing, four 1680cc injectors, Acufab throttlebodie, Aeromotive belt driven fuel pump with regulator of the same brand. DTE Racing exhaust manifold, Borg Warner 375 turbo modifyed to 80mm inducer, Turbosmart Progate 45 wastegate, 3,5" straight exhaust system, Iveco intercooler. Inlet pipings are made of coated exhaust pipes.
Computers 2010: Autronic SM4, M&W 250/500mj ignition system, modified marine coils from MRM Racing.
Fuel: VP Racing CSP
Power: 915 bhp, 887Nm at crank. 780Hp at the wheels
Max rpm: 9300rpm
Max boost: 51psi

Best ET: 8,99-259kmh, 1,40s 60-ft time,

Greg Weld Racelite Dragstar 15x10" in front and 15x4" rear.
Tyres front: Hoosier Slicks 10x28-15"
Tyres rear: Hoosier runners 5x24-15"

Paint custom from scary paint

L&T titanium 2 disc 8" Pro Stock cluch.
Volvo 850 Turbo (M56H) gearbox with a Quaife differential.
Modifyed linkages inside to ensure gear engage.
Custom manufactured and hardened drive shafts from Dione.
CV Joints from CDX custom made for Audi rally cross.

The bodie is still made of steel apart from the front end that is made out of fibre glass.
All work on the bodie is made by Filip Säfsten. The doors are 15cm wider in front end and the front is approximately 50cm wider and 40cm longer than a stock Nissan Cherry.

Many thanks

Questions are best e-mailed to bjorn@woken.se